DataGraphi is a micro website to quickly create, share and store knowledge.


As data-scientists, programmers, analysts and the like, many a times we device unique solutions to problems. Often, we find that these solutions are time-intensive to build and require a lot of effort to create. More than often, we don't have enough resources to store this knowledge, to be reused or shared with others. DataGraphi allows you to quickly store this knowledge in an intuitive manner, with little effort and no special resources - a working internet connection is just what you need!


Register First. Once registered, click the create page to apply to be a contributor. We would check your request to see if your profile fulfills the requirement to be a contributor on this platform. Once approved you can jump straight in. As contributors your profiles would appear in the contributors page on this website. You may use your contributor tag to showcase you professional expertise on your CV!
Contributor spaces are limited. If your request is not approved, it simply means that your profile did not meet the requirements for our website, or we did not have enough space to accomodate your request. It does not mean anything else. Since you are registered, you still are a part of the website and can continue to engage with contributions regularly posted on the website.


If you have any questions/queries or you face any issues related to the website, please email to datagraphihelp@gmail.com and we would respond to you at the earliest.