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Article Aug 30, 2020
Article Author   Mausam Gaurav
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Machine Learning JavaScript Python


Familiarity with Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and some basic Linux commands. Although I would try to explain everything as much as I can, if you have some difficulty in understanding any concept please refer to the official documentation of Django, React, Docker, or any other documentation as necessary.

You would ...

Article Dec 19, 2019
Article Author   Mausam Gaurav
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Machine Learning Data Science Python

Once you have successfully built a machine learning model, one of the first challenges is putting the model into production so that it can be used for realistic purposes. One of the best ways to achieve this is to create a REST API for your model so that the model can ...

Article Dec 17, 2019
Article Author   Mausam Gaurav
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Machine Learning Neural Networks Python

Designing a neural network means creating the right architecture to achieve optimum results. This optimum, more than often, is 'vague' as this depends on the balance of model performance and computational expenses required to train the model and predict. However, even with this loosely defined term 'optimum', to begin with ...

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